Phonon diagnostics

Phonon diagnosis based on the diagnosis of the physical processes in materials and structures during their occurrence in real time. This enables you to diagnose technical state of facilities under real conditions, in unloaded, partially loaded and fully loaded state, with no interference, conditional change, stop and interruption of processes and production at any stage of manufacture, testing, operation and maintenance.
Technospheric facilities - pipelines, equipment, buildings, structures, etc. made of certain materials - steel, concrete, wood, fiberglass, etc. While in service, the technospheric facilities, or more properly the materials, they are made of, are subjected to mechanical, thermal, magnetic effects, i.e. they are supplied with external energy. The materials have their own internal energy, interatomic bond energy of the materials - phonon energy.
While in service, the material interacts with energy. In other words, externally supplied energy Э interacts with material M, more properly, with internal energy - phonon energy of material ФЭ. This means that interacting reaction between phonon energy of material (PE) and externally supplied energy (E) is available and carried out in technospheric facilities. As a result of this energy interaction the material redistributes, concentrates and releases (emits) energy, i.e. phonon emission (FI) and formation of phonon energy in the material and its environment, the so-called phonon energoinformational fields.
The universal reaction of technosphere, interacting reaction in the "material (construction) - energy" systems can be written as:

One of the results of phonon reaction, energy and material interaction is the origin and execution of different physical processes in the material - stress concentration, initiation of deformation, corrosion, corrosion damages, thinnings, fatigue damages, defects, destruction. The phonon emission fields are more intense and concentrated in the areas where the processes of corrosion, damage, defect formation and destruction take place.
Distribution, level, intensity, concentration and other parameters of the phonon fields characterize directly the processes taking place in structure, determine material condition, specify technical condition of constructions.
Thus, the diagnostics of phonon energoinformational fields of the structure provides real-time diagnostics of physical processes occurred inside. Inversely this provides diagnostics of technical condition of the structure according to phonon energoinformational fields, i.e. phonon diagnostics of technical condition of technosphere.