Space diagnostics of technosphere (GIS)


     At the moment the ultimate and comprehensive survey and diagnostics of up-to-date technospheric facilities requires engagement of various tools, methods and technologies. Large amount of various data and experience with regard to diagnostic work implies the necessity to use state-of-the-art processing and analysis tools as well as acquisition of new and additional information. These tools should include up-to-date space diagnostic technologies in conjunction with geographic information technologies.

     Space diagnostics of technosphere is a scientific and technological branch using space crafts - space vehicles based on GIS and other software in conjunction with state-of-the-art ground diagnostics methods, researches the state and processes in technosphere to interfere, influence and control these processes, maintain a steady state of technosphere, detect and prevent negative, uncontrolled changes, phenomena and processes in technosphere, with formation of a global, visual, cognitive and computer situation of current technosphere.
     Space diagnostics and modern geoinformational technologies should and gradually become an integral and essential part of expert diagnostics set of works with regard to various technospheric facilities.
     Space diagnostic data is important and essential addition to the results of ground diagnostics. The processed remotely sensed data is a source of preliminary information both on the state of diagnosable facilities and immediate environment prior to the ground diagnostics, since commonly available data acquired by ground-based methods is not enough or requires detailed elaboration and update. During ground-based diagnostics the space diagnostic results are compared with ground diagnostic data. Eventually we get the final project containing geographic information basis: at most it is satellite data with results of all diagnostic operations, clearly representing the overall picture of technical condition of technospheric facilities in question.