Integrated survey and technical estimation of pipelines

1. Space pipeline diagnostics

1.1. Diagnostics of facilities in the right-of-way of pipeline route

1.2. Evaluation of vegetation cover in the right-of-way of pipeline route.

1.3. Analysis of topographical relief in the right-of-way of pipeline route.

2. Analysis of design, operational and repair documentation.

3. Analysis of pipeline operational modes.

4. Surveying diagnostics of route, depth, profile and actual axis of pipeline branches and tie-ins

4.1. Diagnostics of route, actual axis, branches and tie-ins

4.2. Diagnostics of occurrence depth

4.3. Diagnostics of pipeline profile

5. Diagnostics of pipeline insulation coating

5.1. Current-topographic insulation diagnostics

5.2. Diagnostics of insulation coating in pits and open areas

6. Diagnostics of soil corrosiveness

7. Georadar diagnostics

8. Phonon pipeline diagnostics

9. Visual measuring diagnostics

10. Ultrasonic thickness measurements

11. Magnetic particle, penetrant and eddy current diagnostics

12. Diagnostics of elemental and phase and structural condition of pipeline material

12.1. Diagnostics of ultimate composition

12.2. Diagnostics of phase and structural metal condition

13. Diagnostics of pipeline mechanical properties

13.1. Diagnostics of hardness and ultimate strength

13.2. Expert estimation of metal stressed-deformed state of pipeline wall

13.3. Expert estimation of metal impact strength fluctuation of pipeline

13.4. Expert estimation of metal ductility fluctuation of pipeline wall

14. Diagnostics of pipeline stress condition

14.1. Magnetic diagnostics of pipeline stress condition

14.2. Electrical tensometric diagnostics of pipeline metal stress condition

15. Calculation and estimation of residual pipeline life

16. Expert estimation of hazard levels of pipeline defects and damages

17. Expert estimation of pipeline exploitability and further operating life

18. Recommendations on further pipeline safety operation.