Invitation to cooperation


     Since 1997 scientific production company “Diagnostic Technologies for Technosphere” (SPC “DIATECH”, LLC) performs complex NDT projects, technical diagnostics and industrial safety inspections of:

  •  Pipeline transportation of oil, gas and petroleum products;
  •  Pipeline crossings over rivers, railroads and traffic roads;
  •  Tanks, reservoirs, pressure vessels and other capacitive equipment;
  •  Oil platforms and rigs;
  •  City gas networks;
  •  Heating networks, including backbone;
  •  Conduits, water intakes, urban water supply systems;
  •  Pressure systems of urban sanitation;
  •  Technical equipment of oil and gas industry;
  •  Technical equipment of petrochemical, oil and coal companies;
  •  Technical equipment of metallurgical enterprises;
  •  Thermal, nuclear and hydro power plants technical equipment;
  •  Industrial buildings and structures;
  •  Cultural, sport and entertainment complex buildings;
  •  Foundations, bridges and tunnels;
  •  Dikes, dams and other hydraulic structures;
  •  Handling equipment, etc.

Technical and scientific staff of SPC “DIATECH” consists of the highest level experts, including doctors and candidates of technical sciences. In our work, our specialists use the latest diagnostic equipment that allows us to perform instrumental diagnostics of major projects in the shortest possible time and at the highest level of quality.

Along with all the traditional diagnostic methods of nondestructive testing, SPC "DIATECH" uses the newest method of its own design – advanced, innovative and patented PHONON Diagnostics Technology.

The benefits of using PHONON Diagnostic Technology are significant:

  •  Inspection of 100% of object’s length, area or volume;
  •  Diagnostics during full operational stage of equipment;
  •  Non-interference with the production process of the enterprise;
  •  Exact determination of location, size, type and severity of defects;
  •  Exact object’s technical condition and residual life estimations;
  •  Recommendations for object’s maintenance for 3-5 years ahead;
  •  Significant financial savings.


Our clients include major Russian and foreign petroleum enterprises:

"GAZPROM", "ROSNEFT", "RUSSNEFT", "SLAVNEFT", "Transammiak", “MOEK”, "MOSGAZ"; "MOSVODOKANAL", "GORMOST", "RosEnergoAtom», «REPSOL» (Spain), «CLH» (Spain), «CEPSA» (Spain), «Petrobras» (Brazil),  «SINOPEC» (China), SONATRACH SPA (Algeria), «BP», «TOTAL», etc.

For more than 19 years of successful work, SPC "DIATECH" has proved to be a team of professionals with impeccable reputation on the market of expert diagnostics and NDT services.

We invite you to join us in a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation in performing complex diagnostics of industrial facilities. We are ready to provide you with further information regarding all our services during a personal meeting.




Zelimkhan Dzhaliev

President of SPC “DIATECH”, LLC