Technological infrastructure

The current state of work performed in Diatech LLC is provided with a solid production base comprising:

  • Constantly updated scientific and methodical training funds
  • Up-to-date diagnostic equipment systems
  • Tools and instruments of domestic and foreign manufacturers for non-destructive testing, , diagnostics and expert examination of industrial safety of production facilities and engineering and geodesic surveys
  • Digital photo and video diagnostic tools; laser rulers and range-finding binoculars
  • Portable kits in cases for visual measurement, endoscopic, capillary, magnetic powder diagnostics
  • Portable flash-X-ray machines for weld joint diagnostics
  • Diagnostic instruments and equipment for soil, concrete, asphalt, paint and protective coatings, both at the stage of construction and during operation of buildings, structures, roads, pipeline systems and other equipment
  • Devices for diagnostics and equipment for ground corrosion assessment 
  • Ultrasound flaw detector combining smart antenna and TOFD technologies
  • Ultrasonic testing devices and systems to diagnose thickness, welding and construction defects, ultrasonic flaw detector
  • Routing diagnostic systems and complexes to diagnose pipelines, cables, their intersections and depth of burial
  • Insulating coating diagnostic equipment system
  • Portable devices to diagnose mechanical properties
  • Local and global spatial systems  fixing defects in structures, components and assemblies of technospheric objects using satellite technology
  • Portable phonon and thermophonon systems to diagnose condition of technospheric objects, stress, deformation, defects, geometry and shapes
  • Portable electric strain-gauge, magnetic, magnetoelastic, X-ray, acoustoelectric systems and instruments to diagnose stresses, strains, their levels and distribution in the technospheric facilities
  • Vibro-diagnostic equipment
  • Mobile metal phase and structural metal diagnostic system
  • Mobile diagnostic instrument for metal physical and mechanical properties
  • Mobile metal ultimate composition diagnostic system
  • Electrochemical protection diagnostic system
  • Mobile laboratories of diagnostic technologies
  • Laboratory benches

The laboratory benches are applied to perform researches of technospheric linearly extended, spatial, volumetric objects typified in forms and geometry; Diatechnology concepts are worked out; diagnostic equipment is adjusted, developed and tested; technospheric expert diagnosticians pass training courses.