We live in the world of technical objects, systems and structures. We are surrounded by millions of bridges, causeways, tunnels, dams; thousands of drilling rigs, offshore platforms, millions of cranes, elevators, boilers, tanks, cylinders, basins, reservoirs: hundreds or even thousands of kilometers of water, heat lines, commercial, process, main oil and gas, product pipelines that form current technosphere...
Cities, deserts, taiga spaces, seas, rivers are filled with technospheric objects at a growing rate.
Technosphere has become an integral and defining part of our living environment. Standards and conditions of living as well as human health, environmental conditions, economic security of enterprises and manufacturing, consistent development of cities, regions and countries depend on the "health" status, uninterrupted operation of technospheric objects, structures and systems.
Bridge damage or destruction in a big city, destruction of heat network or water supply line disarranges sustenance of thousands of people and dozens of businesses.
Break of main gas and oil pipeline leads to environmental disaster and causes economic damage to the countries and regions with so-called "pipe economy" well-being of which is based on oil and gas production, sales and pipeline transfer.

The fundamental operation performed in the technosphere is reacting interaction of MATERIAL and ENERGY. In any industrial process, implemented in the technosphere during welding, testing, maintenance, repairs the ENERGY - mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, etc. – is supplied and applied to the MATERIAL.
The MATERIAL absorbs and accumulates the ENERGY. The absorbed and accumulated ENERGY loads the MATERIAL, meanwhile interatomic bonds and atomic and phonon structures of the material are excited, STRESSES arise. This leads to material DEFORMATION, ACCUMULATION of damages, DEFECT formation and DESTRUCTION. All these physical processes are accompanied by MATERIAL emission and phonon emission.
Emission in the "material-energy" system is generated and exists throughout the technosphere, constantly accompanying the processes of manufacturing, testing, operation and repair of any technospheric objects. It contains current information on the processes taking place in the technospheric objects - deformation, damage, prefracture, real time fracture during their occurrence and performance of technological operations. As a rule, this emission is terminated or is not available when the manufacturing processes, operation or repair of technospheric objects are stopped, paused or terminated. Radiation in the "material-energy" system is a carrier of "intelligence", "mind" in the technosphere. It "knows" what happens in the technospheric objects, their "health" status, and characterizes their condition. Emission "reports" and "indicates" how and what to do next, what technological action is effective and necessary, what action should be taken.
The technosphere is provided with a powerful "intelligence". Solution of the global technospheric problem is related to the use of this "intelligence" in the technical processes.